O1 Properties and IHS signed a long-term lease for office space in “Legend” office center

December 09, 2014 - The investment company O1 Properties and IHS announce that they have signed a seven-year lease agreement for office space in “Legend” office center.  Colliers acted as broker in this transaction.

The company’s new 828-sqm office is located on the fourth floor of the office center. As of today the finishing fit-out workes are in progress. The moving is scheduled for the second half of February 2015.

Alexander Ostrovsky, CEO of O1 Properties: “We welcome the new tenant and are sure that IHS will appreciate the comfort and convenience of their new office. Its central location, advanced infrastructure, superb window views and the quality of the building make it an optimal choice for an international company’s office.”

A-grade “Legend” office center is part of the mixed-use complex “Legend of Tsvetnoy” located at the intersection of Tsvetnoy and Rozhdestvensky boulevards in Moscow. The architectural concept was developed by the US-based NBBJ Architects, with state-of-the-art engineering solutions, security and firefighting systems installed. Special emphasis is placed on the effective use of space. “Legend” allows for any type of layout, both open space and walled offices. Special zones with winter gardens and panoramic views of the historical center are created for entertaining the guests.

Another merit of “Legend” is its comfortable proximity to metro and a convenient driveway from the Garden and Boulevard Ring roads. Fashioned in the center is a parking lot shut off from the rest of the office complex, with a private entry and exit. The office facility is managed by RD Management.

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